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2.42 Ghz 15 Element High Gain Yagi Antenna for WiFi

Improving on the design of my 15 Element Yagi Antenna for 2.4Ghz Wifi band, now with a much cleaner pattern no side lobes and higher front to back ratio at 24.8 dB. This antenna is pretty much usable from to 2340 Mhz to 2460 Mhz with less than 2:1 SWR this is centered at 2420Mhz with 1:1 SWR and about -30dB S11 antenna reflection coefficient.

Download the PDF Document Here

Im still using the same materials to build the antenna

Materials Lists
1. 12mm x 8mm uPvc moulding (Boom)
2. #12AWg solid wire for elements
3. Measuring tool / precision cutter
4. 1 SMA female connector
5. Coaxial cable suitable for SMA connector
6. Sandpaper or file tool for removing rough edges of the elements

Building it is pretty straight forward just cut and paste (lol) bend the driven element and feed it with a 50 ohm coaxial cable rated for WiFi frequency, and check the SWR of the antenna.

Cut and paste the elements directly to the boom use the wire insulators as fittings to glue on the boom

Here’s the finished antenna side by side with my previous build.

Finished antenna with center frequency at 2.42Ghz

SWR testing video of 15 Element 2.4Ghz yagi antenna

Actual receive analysis and link performance of the yagi antenna

Ephraim Gariguez

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