Antenna Plans

3 Elements Yagi 2m at 146Mhz dimensions

Materials list

3 Elements Yagi Antenna Materials List

1″ X 0.5″ Rectangular Aluminum tubing for the boom
3/8″ Aluminum tubing for antenna elements
1cm Outside diameter antenna tubing for elements holder
1pc SO239 connector
Pop rivets / Rivet tool
#12 AWG Copper wire with insulation (12″for Gamma match)
Soldering iron
6pcs Stainless steel nuts and bolts 20mm length 3mm diameter
1, Butterfly nut and 1 bolt 18mm length 3mm diameter
Aluminum plate 0.5mm thickness
Collapsible tube (shrinkable tubes)

Antenna Patterns

To check the antenna pattern and expected gain if the antenna will perform similarly on other bands these are the results with both slight increased in SWR and little decreased in gain on 144Mhz and 148Mhz respectively but the expected pattern are generally the same. I’m using 4NEC2 for antenna simulation and analysis.

Predicted antenna pattern for 146Mhz
Predicted antenna pattern for 144Mhz
Predicted antenna pattern for 148Mhz
Predicted VSWR 140Mhz
Predicted VSWR 146Mhz
Predicted VSWR 154Mhz

See the performance testing video here on my youtube channel. As you can see in this video the yagi antenna is performing well on a mountainous terrain with lush vegetation.

Antenna Matching Technique

Antenna matching for this yagi is by Gamma Match which is similar to the one I used on my previous build for 3 Elements Yagi Gamma Match or 4 Elements Yagi Gamma Match. Use whatever you like.

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