Antenna Plans

4 Elements Yagi UHF 70cm antenna at 409Mhz

70cm 4 Elements Yagi @ 409Mhz usable frequency 406-412Mhz

Antenna specifications
Antenna Bandwidth: 406-412Mhz
Antenna gain @ center frequency: 7.16dBi
Beam width: 66° Horizontal / 108° Vertical
Front/Back ratio: 14.4dB

4 Elements Yagi 70cm UHF Antenna Materials List

Antenna Measurements

4 Elements Yagi 70cm 409Mhz dimensions

Download the PDF document here

Build the gamma match for this yagi here. Although the gamma match is originally for 3 elements yagi antenna UHF this will also work with this 4 elements UHF yagi antenna.

Expected antenna pattern generated using 4NEC2

Antenna combined pattern

Horizontal pattern

4 Elements Yagi 70cm 409Mhz horizontal pattern

Vertical Pattern

4 Elements Yagi 70cm 409Mhz vertical pattern

Antenna Pattern on the low band 406Mhz

No skewing detected on the antenna pattern as generated by 4NEC2

4 Elements Yagi pattern @ 406Mhz

Antenna Pattern on the high band 412Mhz

Minimal skewing on the 412Mhz antenna pattern as generated by 4NEC2

4 Elements Yagi pattern @ 412Mhz minimal skewing on the pattern generated by 4NEC2

Complete Antenna Analysis using NanoVNA and N1201SA antenna analyzer

Ephraim Gariguez

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