Logitech RF mouse suddenly stop scrolling on Ubuntu 22.04LTS

2 months ago
Ephraim Gariguez

Note: This procedure is also tested to work with Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS I have an M238 RF mouse that works…

Zastone Radios Software

5 months ago

The following are software for radios by Zastone Technology this is publicly and freely available from the internet. I have…

PHP 8.2 FPM Tuning

5 months ago

This is a personal note for myself to remember the process I used to tune the php-8.2-fpm service on this…

Kicad 6.0 Fix or Workaround for OpenGL required version 1.5

2 years ago

Kicad 6.0 is an schematic entry and pcb layout editor software that is popularly used by electronics hobbyist and even…

2 Elements Yagi VHF antenna for 144Mhz

2 years ago

If you liked the 3 elements yagi, this antenna build is very close to the performance of that antenna. This…

2 Elements Yagi UHF antenna for 410Mhz

2 years ago

This 2 elements yagi antenna is intended for the 70cm UHF band center frequency is 410Mhz with 10Mhz bandwidth. The…

WLN Softwares

2 years ago

WLN UHF Radio programming softwares and image for the following models below. The small radio that looks like a toy…

TYT Radios Softwares/Firmwares

2 years ago

Software Download Service for TYT Radios This page provides downloads for TYT Radios firmware and software however, this is a…

2m Vertical Dipole Array

3 years ago

Build a high gain 2meter vertical dipole array with this antenna plan. Ideal for repeater or base station setup. Easy…

UV5R Charger Schematic

3 years ago

This is the most common UV5R Charger schematic available