Baofeng UV5R RF Finals (RQA0009SXAQS)

Another RF Finals for Baofeng UV5R (RQA0009SXAQS) this is the original RF finals appearing on schematics diagram of Baofeng radio’s. However on my UV5R (two units) the RF finals is (AFT05MS004NT1) both are N-Channel Mosfet, with almost similar specification.

Download here

Please leave a message to confirm that there are different RF Finals variant attached to Baofeng radio’s.

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Thank you so much for havin the possibility to chopy schematics fpr my KT8900. Unfortunalely qhen arrived to me the rx was not working. So I must repair it…. and with your help …for the schematics I can work and repair.
cordially 73 from i1lep

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