MTB and adventures

My MTB rides and adventures follow me on Strava

This page is dedicated to my adventures as I attempt to document my rides for my leisure activities in and around our towns beautiful landscapes. If I happen to venture out outside my comfort zone feel free to follow me and enjoy the journey. See you around and thanks for checking and feel free to leave a comment below. My latest activity is always on top of the list.

San Isidro – Malinao Ilaya Atimonan Quezon

San Isidro – Atimonan Zigzag Road (solo ride)

San Isidro – Atimonan & back

San Isidro to Sta. Catalina 2

San Isidro to Sta. Catalina & back

Take2 San Isidro to Caridad Ilaya2

San Isidro to Caridad Ilaya – Atimonan, Quezon

San Isidro to San Andres Bundok – Atimonan, Quezon

Here’s a video of my descent from San Andres Bundok

San Isidro to San Andres Labak – Atimonan, Quezon

Going to San Andres Labak and midway between San Andres Labak and San Andres Bundok