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How to program VHF channel on Baofeng BF888s UHF radio and will it be useful?

Let us try to answer the question above. How to program VHF channel on Baofeng BF888s UHF radio and will it be useful?. So on the first question, can we program VHF channel on BF888s UHF radio?. Fortunately yes it seems that the radio chip on Baofeng BF888s are capable of accepting VHF frequency channels although I have not open the radio to check the datasheet on what chip was actually used on this tiny radio with a good form factor.

Now that we are sure that the radio can accept both VHF and UHF frequency, let’s move to the second question, will it be useful?. Let’s answer that by watching the how to video and let’s give out the conclusion later on.

So let us now give the conclusion after watching the video playlist. Will it be useful after programming VHF channel on it?. My answer is a YES and NO, yes it will be useful for monitoring radio frequency on VHF channel and no it will not be useful for field work as the measured output power on VHF is less than 1 watt for it to be useful on normal field work. Although I must admit the radio has a good form factor and suitable for short distances communication office or home work.

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15 replies on “How to program VHF channel on Baofeng BF888s UHF radio and will it be useful?”

It looks like not possible, there’s an FM Function enabled on the software settings via Chirp, but it doesn’t work on mine. Let me know if you managed to make it work.

I really dunno how to program to frequency to VHF, I tried writing the frequency to 151.930 vhf , then suddenly my radio went long buzzing, kind gives me a mental headache

Watch the complete video playlist on youtube before you program your radio, if you follow it step by step it will work as intended. Most of the error encountered by a user when programming their radio is they get too excited to do it right away without understanding the requirements before proceeding. Have a look on the video again it’s all there. Cheers!

i follow all the steps but i’ve got the beep sound all the way to Channel 1-16 but in the UHF Channels i can Rx but after thet the beep sounds will come back again

some new models doesn’t need the firmware mod to work in VHF you just need to put the VHF frequencies using Chirp, also after changing the operating frequency you should use a dual band antenna. just retry the procedure.

bro, do you know how to factory default our bf888, i had experience that beep sound too after following that video. Is there any chance to make our radio back to original settings without that beep sound?

You just need to restore or write back the backup firmware to your radio. Some new models are directly supported by Chirp and you don’t need to upload the mod to your radio. Just directly edit the frequency to VHF. If you need the firmware for that I have a copy but not sure if we have the same firmware look at the second column.

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