Amateur Radio Schematics

Schematic Diagram QYT KT8900_M (Ver: 1.0)

Schematic diagram for QYT KT8900 Juentai JT-6188 aka MP300, 8900mini
VHF / UHF Compact Mobile Frequency Range 136-174 / 400-480 MHz

Download here

Download RF finals datasheet here

2 replies on “Schematic Diagram QYT KT8900_M (Ver: 1.0)”

Hi, I have a big dilemma about this radio such as the QYT KT-7900, KT-8R and others, I know that there is a service menu where with a key sequence you can enter so as to adjust some service parameters of this radio such as the deviation in fm and other parameters, does anyone know how to enter and if it asks for the password what can it be? Thank you.

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