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3 Elements Yagi Lightweight End Mount (Antenna by Panda Build)

Building a Lightweight End Mount 3 Elements Yagi

Building a high performance 3 Elements lightweight end mount Yagi antenna. The awesome Yagi antenna provides many advantages in a number of applications.This antenna has high gain allowing lower strength signals to be received. Yagi antenna has better directivity which enables interference levels to be minimized and have straight forward construction i.e; the Yagi antenna allows all constructional elements to be made from rods simplifying construction. The construction enables the antenna to be mounted easily on vertical and other poles with standard mechanical fixings.

3 Elements Yagi Antenna Materials List

1″ X 0.5″ Rectangular Aluminum tubing for the boom
3/8″ Aluminum tubing for antenna elements
1cm Outside diameter antenna tubing for elements holder
1pc SO239 connector
Pop rivets / Rivet tool
#12 AWG Copper wire with insulation (12″for Gamma match)
Soldering iron
6pcs Stainless steel nuts and bolts 20mm length 3mm diameter
1, Butterfly nut and 1 bolt 18mm length 3mm diameter
Aluminum plate 0.5mm thickness
Collapsible tube (shrinkable tubes)

3 Element Yagi making, tuning and testing video


1 Boom Length 80 cm (Use rectangular aluminum tubing)
Reflector Element (length) = 103.7cm
Driven Element (length) = 98.9cm
Director Element length) = 91.8cm


Antenna Pattern and Gain from 4Nec2 Simulation

Antenna Data

Horizontal Pattern
Vertical Pattern
Average ground Performance

Testing Performance of 3 Elements Yagi inside the room

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