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7 Elements Yagi for 146Mhz band build

For yagi’s the longer the yagi’s the better the gain until you reached the point of diminishing returns – the point in which adding additional directors no longer produced a substantial gain or improving the front-to-back ratio. So worry not this 7 elements yagi is not there yet. The yagi design here is simulated using 4Nec2 antenna modeler, the measurements may not be your typical yagi, but I want it that way ;).

Thank you for the people that keeps the site afloat by asking me to design antenna for them, thereby buying the end product and testing the end result. Shout out to Mr. Jonathan Mendoza thanks to your generosity.

Here’s a quick look to the antenna that I built for him, he sent me the picture and I asked him if I can post it on my antenna facebook page he obliged, not knowing that I will also post it here. Bro, thanks a lot for the support!

Owner: Mr. Jonathan Mendoza – DY3BSW (Blackshadow), QTH: Marilao, Bulacan

To those people following my facebook page, this website and sending me a private message asking for the measurements, as promised – though it took a while, the diagram is finally out. Similar build instructions and materials are used same as my previous antenna builds.

Material list for building a 7 Elements 2m VHF Yagi

1. 1″ X 0.5″ Rectangular Aluminum tubing for the boom
2. 3/8″ Aluminum tubing for antenna elements
3. 1cm Outside diameter antenna tubing for elements holder
4. 1pc SO239 connector
5. Pop rivets / Rivet tool
6. #12 AWG Copper wire with insulation (12″for Gamma match)
7. Soldering iron
8. 14pcs Stainless steel nuts and bolts 20mm length 3mm diameter
9. 1pc, Butterfly nut and 1 bolt 18mm length 3mm diameter
10. Aluminum plate 0.5mm thickness
11. Collapsible tube (shrinkable tubes)

Cut the materials according the the measurements here:

7 Elements Yagi 146Mhz band

Download the PDF Document here

Antenna pattern simulation using 4 Nec 2

Combined antenna pattern 146Mhz gain as color

Horizontal pattern

146 Mhz Horizontal Pattern

Vertical pattern

146Mhz Vertical Pattern

Combined pattern / approximate gain / beam width

146Mhz combined Pattern

7 Elements yagi configured in vertical 2 stacked antenna tuning video (frequency response) using N1201SA antenna analyzer

The same antenna configuration frequency response and calibration is confirmed using NanoVNA antenna analyzer

So what gamma match to use on this build?

You can use the gamma match measurements that I used on 4 Elements Yagi build. You can follow this link to see the gamma match diagram:

So that’s it, I hoping that it will help you somehow in building your own 7 elements yagi antenna. If you found this post interesting please consider subscribing on my youtube channel or follow me on my facebook page Cheers and 73!


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