N1201SA VNA – VSWR read out compared to Diamond SX400

N1201SA Vector Impedance Analyzer

The N1201SA is a Vector Impedance Analyzer or commonly known as antenna analyzer from AAI technologies in China. AAI stands for Accuracy Agility Instrument. The strong point of this antenna analyzer as compared to other brand is the range of frequencies which it can operate from 137Mhz to 2.7Ghz aside from the digital read out and quick performance of the device to display the parameter of interest it also features a frequency sweep analysis with graphing function which you cannot find on most known brands within the same price range. It currently sells at around $148 USD online.

The primary reason I purchased the device is base mainly on good performance review from other users aside from the range of frequencies it can operate which is very much suitable for much of my work. I currently have a Diamond SX400 which is a dual band VSWR meter suitable for VHF/UHF work the only downside is it only measures VSWR, forward and reflected power on analog dial display, with N1201SA VNA it measures most of the antenna parameters I need on digital screen read out, coupled it with antenna simulation analysis software 4NEC2 life is really much easier.

Diamond SX400 VSWR Meter features

So for quick specifications the Diamond SX400

The SX400 measures forward and reflected power and VSWR. Compact size makes meter useful for testing both base and mobile installations.

 Diamond SX400

• Illuminated meter
• Switchable r.m.s. or peak power
• Measures forward, reflected & VSWR power
• 6″W x 2″H x 4″D, 2 lbs.
Frequency: 140-525 MHz

NS1201SA Vector Impedance Analyzer features

N1201SA series is the handheld radio frequency vector impedance measurement analysis instrument, easy to use, simple operation. Built-in high capacity lithium ion battery for mobile and outdoor use.

N1201SA Vector Impedance Analyzer


Working frequency: 140MHz~2700MHz
Actual frequency : 137.5~2700MHz
Stepped frequency: 1kHz
Display: 2.4″ TFT trdp
Resolution ratio: 320 x 240(QVGA)
Battery capacity: 2000mAH(7.4Wh)
Power consumption: <1.5W Charge current: 400mA Charge port: USB Auto power off can be set 5-60minutes. Measured parameters: Resistence, Reactance, Standing wave, S11 Resolution ratio: 4 number Frequency accuracy: about 5ppm Connector: SMA-K Measurement range: Impedance: 0.1~1000 Standing wave: 1.000~65 S11(dB): 0dB~-60dB Working temperature: 0~40℃ Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa~1060hPa This instrument has four interfaces: single point measurement, scanning, system information, correction and calibration The default boot into single-point measurement interface.

Measurement comparison on VSWR Readings

With both of the device specifications presented we are ready to proceed and compare the actual measurement on VSWR readings and compare the accuracy of the read out against each other. Please see the video below of actual comparison of VSWR read out on both device.


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