Anytone AT-588 VHF Schematic

VHF: 136-174Mhz
Number of Channels: 200
Operating Voltage: 13.8VDC +-15%
Power Output: Wide Band 60W /25W/10W VHF
Modulatiom: 16K0F3E

Download PDF document here

Quick Modification:

1. Press and hold“FUN”+“TS/DCS”key, then press“POW”key to power on
the radio
2. Adjust the channel knob to choose the mode you want ex Mode4
3. press “CAL”key to confirm and exit
4. Power off and power on the radio again, the radio will work in the mode
you choose.
MODE3 136-173.9975MHZ 144-145.9975MHZ
MODE4 136-173.9975MHZ 136-173.9975MHZ
MODE5 144-145.9975MHZ 144-145.9975MHZ
MODE6 136-173.9975MHZ 144-147.9975MHZ
MODE7 144-147.9975MHZ 144-147.9975MHZ
MODE8 136-173.9975MHZ 136-173.9975MHZ