Arduino Nano technical notes

Arduino Nano Technical Specifications

MicrocontrollerATmega328P – 8 bit AVR family microcontroller
Operating Voltage5v
Recommended Input Voltage for Vin pin7-12v
Analog Input Pins 6 (A0 – A5)
Digital I/O Pins14 (Out of which 6 provide PWM output)
DC Current on I/O Pins40 mA
DC Current on 3.3v Pin50 mA
Flash Memory32KB (2 KB is used for Boot loader)
Frequency (Clock Speed)16 Mhz
CommunicationIIC, SPI, USART
Arduino Nano Pin Out

Arduino Nano Pin Configuration

Pin CategoryPin NameDetails
PowerVin, 3.3V, 5V, GNDVin: Input voltage to Arduino when using an external power source (6-12V).

5V: Regulated power supply used to power microcontroller and other components on the board.

3.3V: 3.3V supply generated by on-board voltage regulator. Maximum current draw is 50mA.

GND: Ground pins.

ResetResetResets the microcontroller
Analog PinsA0 – A7Used to measure analog voltage in the range of 0-5V
Input/Output PinsDigital Pins D0 – D13Can be used as input or output pins. 0V (low) and 5V (high)
SerialRx, TxUsed to receive and transmit TTL serial data
External Interrupts2, 3To trigger an interrupt
PWM3, 5, 6, 9, 11Provides 8-bit PWM output
SPI10 (SS), 11 (MOSI), 12 (MISO) and 13 (SCK)Used for SPI communication
Inbuilt LED13To turn on the inbuilt LED
IICA4 (SDA), A5 (SCA)Used for TWI communication
AREFAREFTo provide reference voltage for input voltage