Antenna Plans

Build a 15 Element Yagi antenna for 2.4Ghz WiFi

Building a 15 Element Yagi for 2.4Ghz Wifi frequency. This antenna build is very useful for extending your wifi range indoor or outdoor. The approximate gain of this 15 element yagi is approximately 13dBi with a good front to back ratio of 20.6dB. Beamwith is 40° horizontal and 70° vertical.

Materials Lists
1. 12mm x 8mm uPvc moulding (Boom)
2. #12AWg solid wire for elements
3. Measuring tool / precision cutter
4. 1 SMA female connector
5. Coaxial cable suitable for SMA connector
6. Sandpaper or file tool for removing rough edges of the elements

Finished 15 Element 2.4Ghz Yagi
15 Element 2.4Ghz Yagi

Antenna Dimensions:

Download the PDF Document here

Antenna Gain/Patterns:
Gain and and antenna patterns are from 4NEC2 antenna modelling software.




Laying out:

Layout and measurements

Folded Dipole:

Folded Dipole Driven Element
Ready for testing

Some direct measurements from neighbors WiFi access point:

Screen shot dBm measurement taken from a dipole

This first screen shot reading is from a WiFi card with a 5dBi dipole antenna

Screen shot dBm measurement taken from 15 Element Yagi

The second screen shot is taken from 15 Element Yagi antenna build taken indoors

As we can see from the above screen shots the initial measurement from a dipole yields -88dBm our reading from the yagi -76dBm direct calculation from the 2 values ( -88dBm – -76dBm = -12dBm) our yagi gain is almost equal to the theoretical gain of 13dBi. The above measurements are taken indoors the WiFi card is connected to a laptop.