Building a high gain 2meter 3 Elements Yagi (Video Tutorial)

Tutorial video on building a high performance 3 Elements Yagi for 2 meters VHF radio transceiver. This design is centered on the Philippine amateur frequency band (144-146Mhz VHF) center frequency is 145Mhz with 1:1 SWR. The design and technique used on this video can be adopted on other antenna design for other specific frequency you intend to use. This is the same antenna we are selling on this website (for those who doesn’t have time) you may directly order the antenna on our shop. The antenna is tuned to the published frequency range as specified on the product page however you may still use the antenna on the edge of the band and it will be operational from 143Mhz to 148Mhz.

Materials and measurements

At the end of the video we made some SWR measurements and tuning including propagation testing. The antenna is mounted indoor with camera tripod 1 meter above the ground using Yaesu2900R 2meter rig. The result is a very much acceptable range with almost reciprocal transmit receive (S2 to S3 TX / S3 – S4 RX) with a very good quality audio . From my QTH at Las Piñas (DW1ZWS) to Fairview Quezon City (DU1RFU) is 36kms air distance.

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Cheers and thank you for watching everyone!.