Kicad 6.0 Fix or Workaround for OpenGL required version 1.5

Kicad 6.0 is an schematic entry and pcb layout editor software that is popularly used by electronics hobbyist and even commercial users. The latest issue that I have encountered with Kicad 6.0 latest version is the 3D rendering engine throwing up an OpenGL compatibility error requiring version 1.5 minimum. This is most common with computers using old hardware but is still fully capable. The culprit is the OpenGL compatibility if you have an old graphics card which is not fully supported by Windows 10. My computer is an old laptop with i7 processor, 16GB ram, with Nvidia Optimus card and a default Intel HD 3000 which by latest standard is already obsolete. The issue is still common among Kicad 6.0 users as I have searched around looking for the fix.

An OpenGL error is thrown up when using 3D viewer

Luckily for me I have came across this same issue when using Blender software before. So the fix is to copy the opengl32.dll which is an old opengl32.dll libraries for Windows to make the software revert to use the software rendering engine instead of the graphics card.

You just need to download the file which I have provided here for those looking for fix:

I have attached the file here on my home server for you to download and use. However use it at your own risk, it’s your responsibility to scan the file for viruses – even though I have use it for my own Kicad 6.0 installation.

What you need to do is just copy the file to yout Kicad 6.0 installation directory /bin folder and paste the file there. Closed all instances of Kicad 6.0 and open it again to load the DLL file. Now you can use your Kicad normally with 3D viewer properly working.

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