Replacing NanoVNA toggle switch with more rugged push button tactile switches

NanoVNA toggle switch replacement with push button tactile switches

NanoVNA devices is generally well built in my opinion except for its toggle switch to navigate the menu system and move the cursors around the screen. The toggle switch used on my device is unfortunately too flimsy it just broke after using it for a while. The newer devices comes with a more reliable toggle switch, however ordering it online on this part of the world is a bit too costly for just a single switch replacement. So instead of ordering it online and wait for it to arrive in the mail box I’d rather use a more robust push button tactile switches as replacement.

Drill an equally space holes on the front cover to accommodate the switches to peek on the holes. This will serve as the switch mounting position for easy push button navigation. Then solder the switches to the PCB contact points as shown on the diagram above.

Put back the NanoVNA cover plate and it’s ready for testing.

NanoVNA with Push Button tactile switch testing