Antenna Plans

Build a Sleeve Dipole Antenna for 2m VHF

Sleeve Dipole Antenna
Build a 2m VHF lightweight sleeve dipole antenna. A compact portable antenna and easy for deployment. You can even operate the dipole while holding it. Building it is easy just follow the antenna plans below. The antenna specifications are below including the testing video.

Antenna Gain: 3dBi
Pattern: Omni
Features: Lightweight and Portable easy deployment

Sleeve dipole

3/8” round tube aluminum
1” round tube aluminum
2pc rubber or plastic stopper
2pc self tapping screw
RG58 Coax
SO239 or PL259 Connector
Hose Clamp

Sleeve Dipole

Wiring the Feedpoint

Wiring the feedpoint

Antenna Measurements

Performance Testing


Sleeve dipole testing with DW1XJT

Testing sleeve dipole short conversation with DW1XJT Jern Paranaque station DW1ZWS Las Pinas (Almanza).
Pardon the numeric call sign we are on the groups commercial frequency 🙂

Here’s the youtube video.