Yaesu FT2900R Service Manual

For Yaesu users this is the service manual for Yaesu FT2900R. Assembly, disassembly procedure, alignment and schematics diagram are available for reference if you would like to tweak or fix some errors in your unit.

It’s rather popular to adjust the power output level of the unit by over driving the RF Final stage to 100W the unit itself is rated at 75W more than enough power to handle normal modulation or to reach distant stations.
Adjusting the power level can be done on the radio front end, using the software settings in alignment mode. High power can be easily set to 100W max power output (overdrive), however the RF Final installed in the radio is rated at 80W maximum. It is set to 75W on purpose to prolong the lifetime of the radio.

A word of caution:
If you are adventurous and would like to see how it feels to transmit with 100W power output then by all means do it at your own risk.

Download the Service Manual Here

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